“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.” 
― Mary Kay Ash

I love challenging postures, like flying pigeon — Eka Pada Galavasana — because they require focus, attention and a big dose of gr...

Leaves are yellow and orange.

Suddenly I'm losing time hunting down for missing socks.

And I can no longer head outside to walk my dog in the morning without a sweater.

Fall is here.

 And for me that means a last-minute rush to stretch out sunny weather pursuits, including...

Handstanding is way easier when you are with a friend, laughing, on a mountain.

Oh, and you get a helping hand!

"So beautiful."


"It smells good here!"

"It's so quiet."

"Is that a deer?"

Everyone has their own reaction to stepping inside the yoga dome at Nectar Yoga on Bowen Island. And it's always a delight to experience it through new eyes, new perspectives.

Here's some photos...

"Do you teach yoga classes just for sore shoulders?"

"Have you ever done yoga for stress release?"

"I'm looking for yoga classes that deal specifically with feet issues."

"Do you ever consider teaching a yoga class just for hips?"

"Oh, I saw a video about yoga with goats!...

Yin yoga is kind of awesome.


When I first tried it I admit it: I was bored.

Yes bored.

I thought repeatedly: "When will this end? Can I leave yet? How far is it from the door? Why is it so quiet? Would it be rude to roll up my mat and run screaming from this ro...

Sometimes I really can't stand yoga.

But hey, that's part of the journey right? 

The practice of connecting to self — being open and well, reshaping inside and out — can be really challenging. Annoying. Irritating. Hard. And sometimes the postures themselves really...

Yin yoga is a bit of an acquired taste.

For many of us, it's really tough to slow down and to allow things to happen.

To be patient.

To be aware.


Try it. Stick with it. Be open. And you might just discover how great the yin side of yoga can be — physically hydrating...

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