Yoga . . . and . .

"Do you teach yoga classes just for sore shoulders?"

"Have you ever done yoga for stress release?"

"I'm looking for yoga classes that deal specifically with feet issues."

"Do you ever consider teaching a yoga class just for hips?"

"Oh, I saw a video about yoga with goats! Do you ever teach that?"

And on and on and on.

Any yoga teacher could add to the list of "yoga for this AND yoga for that" questions, and then some.

I lisen. I nod. I even ask a question or two.

And then I remind my students, and myself, that yoga isn't a gimmick. It doesn't need to be dressed up and decorated, repackaged and resold.

It's just yoga.

And it's pretty amazing all on its own.

And like some old rock n' roller said (I think it was the stones?) if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need.

Without fretting about what it'll do for you, or what you've seen online. Just show up, do your practice, be open and see what happens.

(And well, if your baby, pet goat happens to like balancing on your shoulders as you flow, like Rachel Brethen Yoga, well that's pretty awesome too!)