Movement Helps

April 4, 2020

Roll out of bed, unroll your mat and get moving. 


Yoga helps us to release hidden stressers inside our tissues. And it happens to be a great practice for these difficult times. 


You don't need much space. Just room for your mat and some props. 


The challenge, as always, is to start!




Here's some simple To-Dos:


— Child's Pose x 8 breaths (or more!!!)


— Cat & Cow } alternate moving with your inhalations & exhalations (do as many cycles as you need to loosen up your hips & spine)


— Child's Pose x 8 breaths (change up what you do with your arms or hands!)


— Downdog x 5 breaths (lots of movement through bending and straightening opposite legs!)


— Sun Salutation A or B or C (anything that warms you up!) x a few rounds   (Note: You can skip this & just do more Cat & Cow!)


— Reclined twists x 12 breaths each side


— Bridge Pose (any variation) x 8 breaths 


— Legs up the Wall with a good song, like Halo by Beyonce (anything you can sing along to!) 


— Savasana for an entire song (anything that chills you out!) 


Hope this helps gang! 



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