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chantal o'sullivan yoga

"I’ve been practising yoga for over 15 years. I’ve taken classes in Vancouver, San Francisco and Ottawa, and I can honestly say that Chantal is my favourite teacher ever! Hands down, no contest whatsoever. Her classes are challenging, diverse, never boring or routine.


The best thing about them however is Chantal herself; she makes you laugh and have fun, and is very encouraging to yogis at all levels. I’ve even considered moving to Bowen Island for her classes!"

~ Lisa Amundsen


"Chantal’s classes are not to be missed. She truly makes yoga fun, free flowing and dynamic while still providing a place of contemplation and inner discovery for those working on their personal/emotional growth.

Her classes always have me feeling mindful and energized and ready to face what life has to offer."

~ Derrick Leong


“Chantal is a rare and beautiful soul. She welcomes everyone into her community with an open heart and big smile. I had the pleasure of working for Chantal for a couple of years, and I benefited from her kind mentorship, amazing attitude, and gentle encouragement. I truly miss seeing this yogi on the regular!

Chantal’s vinyasa classes are challenging and powerful, but accessible to anyone. She always offers options and modifications so you can tailor your practice to your energy level and strength. She encourages you to be kind to yourself, but also playful and to try a deeper variation of asana if you’re feeling up to it. Her Yin classes are calming, relaxing, and good for your soul. You’re given lots of time to slow your breathing and get into your body, and you will leave feeling blissed. Chantal weaves yogic philosophy into her teachings, and delivers it in digestible way that is relevant to your life. Most importantly, Chantal never skimps on the savasana 

If you’re wondering if you should try Chantal’s class or retreat, the answer is YES! I can’t recommend her enough  You will feel immediately welcomed by this kind yogi, and by the end of class will get a stretch in your body, and an opening in your heart and mind. All accompanied by great music, big breathing, and laughter!”

~ Sarah Henderson, RYT

Personable, professional, knowledgable et al...Chantal is one of those yoga teachers that emphasizes on form and being able to embrace the essence of yoga.

Love her sense of humour which makes her unique and lightens up the movements and the breath.

Beyond all she goes out of her way to make her class feel comfortable within their own capacities.

Love her way of teaching and the breadth of knowledge and personality she brings to every class.

~ Praj + Sabine